.:: Ngọc Bích Bungalow ::.

Reservations: (84) 919 988 310

Welcom to Bungalow Ngoc Bich

Bich Ngoc Bungalow at km 12 + 200 with an area of 3825 m2, was constructed in 2001 124x26 length m. Both resorts are a shade of green coconut garden. Below is the spread of coconut meal, parking, guest rooms welcome back ... is up 27 single rooms, with many different architectural styles. A break between the green grass, the paths are paved with beautiful stone gray eyes, a pool of water is always blue.

On the way to Ngoc Bich Bungalow, your guests will admire and visit the scenic natural marvels of Binh Thuan has gone into the history books as: The Royal Pavilion, Tower PoShaNu, beautiful landscapes Suoi Tien, Suoi Red Sand Hills, beautiful place Penglai first scene.

 Coming to Ngoc Bich Bungalow you will enjoy yourself in nature is cool, relaxed, comfortable, warm space next ones to enjoy life like at home.



.:: Ngọc Bích Bungalow ::.